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aegaea are experts in flood risk, water and environment, specialising in flood risk assessments, surface water drainage strategies and flood modelling. Our expertise is helping you unlock the development potential of your site, no matter what the size – from house extensions to 5000+ units, Aegaea works alongside you every step of the way.

Desire to build within a London borough has increased over the past decade. However, much of London is within a Critical Drainage Area and therefore legislation can be more complex than other areas of the UK.

Our Flood Risk Team have years of experience dealing with London based Flood Authorities and the intricacies of London flood policy, giving us a unique insight to help you gain planning permission in London – from rear extensions to major applications, we’ve worked on them all!

Aegaea hold all the flood models and breach data on our own systems, so there’s no delay in your application while waiting for data – we can process and write your FRA within 5 working days! That’s time saving and cost saving across London.

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We’ve worked on thousands of flood risk assessments. While the policy isn’t unique, we know that every development is. It’s your development, its personal, and it needs an expert that understands the nuance and details that make a successful FRA for planning.

Every quote from aegaea is free, unique and bespoke to your requirements, it’s just one of the ways that we set ourselves apart.

​Our expert consultants take the time to understand what you need and when you need it – delivering high quality, professional reports that have helped hundreds of customers obtain planning permission – all reviewed and signed off by Chartered professionals from CIWEM.

From a kitchen extension in London, to new build developments, experience the difference of working with aegaea and drop an email, form or call to our experts.

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Meet your Flood Risk Assessment Experts

Ceri Metcalfe BEng
Graduate Engineer
I’m a Graduate Engineer with a BEng (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering and MSc in Civil Engineering (Environmental). Engineering was the career choice for me as it merged together my love for both...
> View Profile
Alix Rouvrais
Senior Engineer
I am a Senior Engineer for Aegaea Civils. I have vast experience in drainage, highways and infrastructure for both major and minor developments spanning across all sectors of the industry, along with...
> View Profile
Victoria Walker BSc (hons) MCIHT
I’m a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in Highways, Drainage and External Works design. During my career to date, I have designed and managed a wide range of projects from extensions to...
> View Profile
James Mahoney BSc FIHE CIHT
I am a Civil Engineer with over 27 years’ experience in the sector, specialising in the design of highways, infrastructure, drainage and external works. I work with local and national government...
> View Profile
Daniel Cunningham BSc
Flood Risk Consultant
I am a graduate flood risk consultant. I studied Geography at The University of the West of England and chose to do modules looking at rivers, coasts, and water management. My dissertation...
> View Profile
Lorna Kingsbury-Smith
Flood Risk Modelling Consultant
I’m a Flood Risk and Drainage Consultant at Aegaea with experience in hydraulic modelling and FRAs. My specialist area of expertise is Integrated Catchment Modelling and options development.
> View Profile
Daniel Cook
I’m a Chartered Water and Environment Manager and specialist Flood Risk Consultant, working in the environmental consultancy sector since 2011. Specialist Subject: flood risk policy!
> View Profile
Christopher Cameron-Hann
I’m a flood risk management, flood modelling and hydrology consultant. Specialist Subject: Flood Forecasting and Economic Analysis.
> View Profile
Nick Darling-Drewett
Principal Flood Risk Consultant
I’m a Principal Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea with extensive experience in producing FRAs and drainage strategies. Specialist Subject: FRAs
> View Profile
Kirsty Tolson
Principal Flood Risk Consultant
I’m a Principal Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea with extensive experience in initial due diligence, masterplan development or dealing with planning issues relating to Flood risk. Specialist subject:...
> View Profile
Douglas Swinbanks
Principal Flood Risk Engineer and Hydrologist
I’m a Principal Flood Risk Engineer and Hydrologist based in Edinburgh. Specialist Subject: Scotland Policy and Integrated Catchment Modelling.
> View Profile
Lauren Norman
BSc (Hons)
Senior Analyst
I’m Lauren and I am the Team Leader for Flood Modelling, based in the West Midlands. Specialist Subject: Estry TUFLOW modelling!
> View Profile
Oliver Harvey
Senior Flood Risk Consultant
I am a Senior Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea with extensive experience in supporting developers and clients by providing flood risk and SuDS reports to ensure they achieve their aspirations for...
> View Profile
Alex Brennan
Senior Flood Risk Consultant
I am a Senior Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea. I have a particular interest in Natural Flood Management Solutions and the application of GIS to flood risk management. My dissertation at the University...
> View Profile
Oliver Manston
Flood Risk Analyst
I’m an Analyst starting out my career in the flood management industry with Aegaea. I am currently based in Bristol after having completed a master’s in civil engineering at Swansea University....
> View Profile
Rebecca Thirkell
Modelling Principal Consultant and Lead Hydrologist
I’m a Modelling Principal Consultant Lead Hydrologist at Aegaea, based in the East Midlands.
> View Profile
Jack Allen
Flood Risk and Drainage Consultant
I am a Flood Risk and Drainage Consultant, with a BSc in Geography and a MSc in Water, Energy and the Environment. I have experience in writing flood risk assessments for both major and minor...
> View Profile
Amelia Rowntree
Flood Risk Analyst
I’m a graduate flood risk consultant, who has just completed my BSc honours degree at the University of Salford specialising in hydrology. This has always been a passion of mine from growing up with...
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Fantastic to work with and understood the brief all be it limited... so was a pleasure to work with.
Tom G.
I am thrilled with the reports that I have had. Will certainly be using you in the future.
Steven C.
Went above and beyond in guiding me through the process itself...the finished product was more than I could have hoped for.
Brian C.
I genuinely can't thank Chris enough for his assistance supporting me with a planning application. He went above and beyond in not only guiding me through the process itself, continuous updates via email and phone call and the finished product was more than I could of hoped for. Would not hesitate for a second to recommend to anyone.
Rebecca C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further reading

How flood risk affects planning in London

Different Types of Flood Risk in London

The City of London has been constructed on a large Flood Plain. As such the vast majority of it is within a Flood Zone. Central London in particular is affected by multiple sources of flooding. Thankfully, it’s also protected to a 1 in 1000-year standard of protection by the Thames Barrier. Without it, London would be at a much more significant risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency map for planning demonstrates only the flood risk from rivers and seas without the presence of defences. This is why Central London, such as the London Borough of Southwark for example, is shown to be within a Flood Zone. Due to its urban characteristics, London is greatly affected by surface water flooding and sewer flooding. However, these data sets cannot be accessed by the Environment Agency Flood Map for Planning.

There’s also the question of residual risk should the defences fail. Although this is considered to be a highly unlikely scenario, much of London is still assessed based on this risk. However small the possibility, the results of such an event would be devastating to much of the area.

When assessing flood risk throughout London, our team will review multiple sources of flooding, as well as this residual risk (commonly referred to as Breach), to ensure every risk can be mitigated to gain planning.

London also contains many boroughs that are considered Critical Drainage Areas. This is where surface water is unable to drain at an appropriate rate, causing further flooding. These areas always require a Flood Risk Assessment no matter the development.

Across London, the severity and extent of each source of flooding vary. It is therefore important for the success of a project to understand what flood zone your site is located in and whether it is affected by other sources of flooding. This could impact the design, timeframes, and mitigation measures required to make the development acceptable for planning. If each flood risk source has not been appropriately reviewed, it is likely to be rejected at Planning by the Environment Agency or Local Planning Authority.

There are certain developments that are permitted within the London Flood Zones that don’t need an exception test. However, if it is necessary and the development doesn’t pass the exception test, it’s likely to be rejected at the planning stage.

Find out more about the exception test here.

Does London Development have to adhere to National Planning Policy?

In addition to all the multiple sources of flooding that are required to be reviewed to support a Flood Risk Assessment for Planning, there is also a need to adhere to multiple policies. Development in London is subject to;

  • National Planning Policy

  • Regional Planning Policy

  • The London Plan

  • Local London Borough Planning Policies.

As there is such a complex web of different policies that must be adhered to, it’s important to engage with a specialist who can advise you on the best practices for your development early on. Policy changes from borough to borough, so it’s not a case of just understanding the policy as a whole.

How our team can support you

Every site and project is unique. Some may consist of only one flood zone, whereas others could consist of multiple flood zones and multiple sources of flooding (fluvial/tidal/pluvial/groundwater/sewer/residual). Our team have supported over 1,000 projects of varying complexities and scales of development, giving us a unique insight into the planning process.

Through our experience, our team can work from the pre-planning stages through to submission of your application, advising on the design, layout, and mitigation measures to ensure your project gains planning permission on the first application.

If you are proposing a development in a London Borough and not sure if you require a flood risk assessment, or which flood zone you are located in, contact our team using the contact form here, or request a quote for your project using the form below.

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