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Flood models help you understand flood risk to an existing or proposed development.

Aegaea are experts in flood modelling across the UK, creating compliant models for The Environment Agency, SEPA and NRW. We have experts in Flood Modeller, TUFLOW, HEC-RAS and Infoworks - we have all the tools to support you.

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When are flood models required?

Flood models are required to determine the risk of flooding to a site when an initial desktop review has shown the site may be located within a floodplain. This may be due to:

  • The site being located within Flood Zone 2 or Flood Zone 3
  • A watercourse within close proximity of the site
  • The site shown as being at risk from surface water flooding.

Detailed modelling is often needed for detailed planning applications where national scale mapping is either not available, or not fit for purpose.

Flood modelling can bridge the gap to ensure your planning application has the most accurate data to gain approval. Aegaea are experts in integrated catchment modelling, fluvial flooding, hydrology and flood risk and can advise on flood modelling anywhere in the UK and internationally.

Leading Flood Modelling Experts from Aegaea

Christopher Cameron-Hann
I’m a flood risk management, flood modelling and hydrology consultant. Specialist Subject: Flood Forecasting and Economic Analysis.
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Lauren Norman
BSc (Hons)
Senior Analyst
I’m Lauren and I am the Team Leader for Flood Modelling, based in the West Midlands. Specialist Subject: Estry TUFLOW modelling!
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Alex Brennan
Senior Flood Risk Consultant
I am a Senior Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea. I have a particular interest in Natural Flood Management Solutions and the application of GIS to flood risk management. My dissertation at the University...
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Flood Modelling for planning applications

What is Flood Modelling?

Flood modelling uses predicted river flows, rainfall, and coastal levels combined with topographic data and flow equations to generate flood risk information (such as depth, velocity, flood levels, and hazards).

The flood levels predicted by flood modelling impact on development potential, flood risk, and risk to assets and buildings. Flood models are also used to;

  • Calculate flood mitigation strategies,

  • Plan emergency evacuation routes,

  • Review risk and vulnerability to critical assets.

In certain cases, they can also be used to challenge the Environment Agency’s existing flood maps. This could potentially opening up new development sites at a lower risk.

Bespoke flood models, created using industry standard software such as TUFLOW, Flood Modeller Pro, and Infoworks are in common use throughout the industry as a way to refine estimates of flood risk on behalf of land owners, property developers, and property owners.

Aegaea have a team of industry expert hydraulic modellers who can create detailed flood models that enable applicants and interested parties to establish flood risk to a site and look at creating flood mitigation solutions.

Need a Flood Model? Our team are ready to support you.

Does a flood model of this watercourse already exist?

The answer may well be yes. If your site is located in an urban area or by a significant watercourse, the Environment Agency may already hold a hydraulic model that can be utilised to inform a site-specific assessment of risk. Aegaea will submit a request to the Environment Agency, obtain a copy of this model for you (if available) and review it to ensure it is suitable for use in a Flood Risk Assessment and identify any areas of improvement required to ensure a smooth journey through planning.

What if the watercourse is unmodelled?

Not to worry – our team of in-house experts will be able to guide you through the next steps to establish the risk to your site and to provide you with everything you need to submit your development for planning. Please see our ‘Bespoke Model Build’ page for more information.

How we can support you?

  • Aegaea are experts in flood modelling and are able to interpret detailed information, commenting on flood models, or reviewing national scale information.
  •  We can support your project from the pre-planning stages through to submission of the application by reducing risk, sizing attenuation, advising on the design, or undertaking a flood map challenge.
  • Our team have the industry knowledge and skills to help you access the required data, use it effectively, and bring a high-quality product that has impact for you.

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Transparency and enthusiasm for my project were reassuring, and the final service that Aegaea was provided was excellent.
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Fantastic to work with and understood the brief all be it limited... so was a pleasure to work with.
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Needed a flood risk assessment done quickly for planning application and Aegaea responded very quickly to my inquiry and gave a very competative quote. Thanks to Nick, everything was completed in under 2 weeks. Very happy with the service.
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I contacted Aegaea about a flood survey for a residential property I was buying. Chris's communication was excellent throughout my project. I appreciated the fact that he spent a long time offering an expert and impartial view of my project even before I had decided to work with Aegaea. Chris's transparency and enthusiasm for my project were reassuring, and the final service that Aegaea was provided was excellent.
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I genuinely can't thank Chris enough for his assistance supporting me with a planning application. He went above and beyond in not only guiding me through the process itself, continuous updates via email and phone call and the finished product was more than I could of hoped for. Would not hesitate for a second to recommend to anyone.
Rebecca C.
The team at Aegaea are our go to contact for anything flood risk of drainage related. They very quickly provided us with incredibly useful initial advice to help our clients know whether to proceed with a development site, and then support us on these matters throughout the planning application, devising solutions and responding to any queries from the Council. We only recommend to our clients the services of consultants that we trust to look after them and we very highly recommend the team at Aegaea
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