Integrated Catchment Modelling

Aegaea can support the delivery of complex modelling for surface water management plans and drainage area plans

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Integrated catchment modelling is the most high resolution, inclusive modelling technique, taking into account sub-surface and overland flow routes and pathways. It integrates the hydraulics and hydrology of natural and man made environments into a single model.

Our team have supported many projects of varying complexities and scales of development.  We’re experts in ESTRY/TUFLOW and Infoworks ICM to deliver high quality studies.

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Benefits of integrated catchment modelling

Using the latest software such as Infoworks ICM, Aegaea can support the delivery of complex modelling for surface water management plans and drainage area plans.

Integrated Catchment modelling means incorporating all sources and receptors, typically in an urban environment to develop a complete picture of the causes of flooding.

Flow pathways and interactions between the surface (roads, greenspace, urban features) and the subsurface (sewer networks, surface water sewers) are complex and need to be modelled discretely and carefully. The interaction between the two can substantially affect the outcomes and impacts of the modelling study so it is important to represent them all at the same time – flooding on the surface could be caused by overland flow, blocked drains, or recharge from the sewer network.

Using detailed modelling of surface water systems and combined systems underground as well as detailed representation of the surface highlights flooding problems in a holistic manner, as well as helping to identify solutions to flood issues.  An integrated model will be able to show under-capacity pipe networks, pinch points in drainage systems and the impact of interventions.

As such an integrated catchment model is the only way to ensure that you understand all the risks and opportunities in an urban area and they are relied upon across the UK and internationally to deliver integrated urban solutions to flooding.

Urban  Flooding

Increasingly, lead local flood authorities are requesting integrated modelling to assess urban sites. They appreciate that the subsurface sewer systems impact on storage potential and flow conveyance and they request that these models are used to assess the pre and post development situations.

Aegaea can develop these models in appropriate software, offering you confidence in the delivery of urban regeneration.

High Specification Software

Infoworks ICM enables above and below ground simulation at the same time meaning the transition of water in the urban area is simultaneous, accurate and appropriate. This unified  approach is the gold standard of urban flood modelling, delivering high quality results for any development or area strategy.  That’s why ICM is trusted to delivery surface water management plans, drainage area plans and integrated  assessments across the urban space.

ICM software is the lead industry modelling package for developing integrated sewer and watercourse models. By integrating existing sewer assets with watercourses, ICM provides the most comprehensive method to model both urban and river catchment within a single model, in both 1D and 2D.

ICM software provides a solution for sewer and river issues, or a combination of both in one single package across a range of design rainfall durations and return periods.

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How our team can support you?

Our experience in developing integrated catchment models covers urban developments, surface water sewers, overland flow, fluvial and tidal boundaries. Using the latest software (Infoworks ICM and TUFLOW) can offer high resolution, high impact results across broad strategic levels as well as site specific assessments.

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Integrated Catchment Modellers

Christopher Cameron-Hann
I’m a flood risk management, flood modelling and hydrology consultant. Specialist Subject: Flood Forecasting and Economic Analysis.
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Alex Brennan
Senior Flood Risk Consultant
I am a Senior Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea. I have a particular interest in Natural Flood Management Solutions and the application of GIS to flood risk management. My dissertation at the University...
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