Understand the flood risk to your site quickly by purchasing a FloodMetric report. Incorporation of EA flood zones, surface water and modelled data provided by Fathom.

Need to know policy information to inform planning? FloodMetric incorporates local and national policy information to help guide you!

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FloodMetric reports including flood risk data, policy information and climate change data by Fathom all packaged into an easy to understand, downloadable PDF document (or shareable online magic link) which gives you a clear indication of risk to your site, property or land.

The idea is simple; quickly evaluate flood risks to your site at the touch of a button, then be informed about your risks before you need consultants on board.  Use the FloodMetric report as a screening and due diligence report, use it as an enhanced flood checking tool and be informed about your risks.

Flood Metric reports can include:

  • EA Flood Zone Data
  • Risk of Flooding from Surface Water
  • Historic Flooding
  • Reservoir Inundation maps
  • National Flood Risk Policy information
  • LLFA and LPA policy requirements
  • Fluvial, Pluvial and Coastal modelling (including climate change) from Fathom, as well as Risk Scores
  • Percentage Risk of flooding over ownership

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Fathom Data

Fathom’s UK Flood Map, Fathom-UK, offers an alternative view of flood risk against existing government data, projecting changes in hazard across multiple different climate scenarios. Achieved through combining world-leading research and cutting edge modeling techniques with data like UKCP18, UK Flood Map offers users to critically assess the impact of flood risk against any portfolio, book of business or asset.


A flood risk map.

FloodMetric reports are available globally using either the UK defended flood Maps or Global Undefended floodmaps depending on your location. Integrating Fathom’s industry leading products into our reporting means that you can quickly assess your flood risk both now and in the future.  What does that mean?

  • Check the potential Flood Zone 3b location which could prohibit development
  • Check the risk of an asset, both now and in the future
  • Assess climate change potential using a range of RCP and SSP combinations

Fathom UK Defended Model


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Using FloodMetric

FloodMetric reports are available as stand alone reports indicating flood risk for an individual site, or as part of a portfolio screening service for multiple locations.  For multiple locations and portfolio screening, you’ll have the opportunity to review the risks associated with all of your assets and across any potential purchase.  This enables you to make informed decisions about the level of risk to sites and to evaluate, pre-purchase, the level of risk to emerging sites of interest. Screening for flood risk just got easier.

Backed up by one of the leading flood risk companies in the UK, FloodMetric enables you to quickly check your risks and then be safe in the knowledge that one of our consultants will be on hand to discuss it with you.  Need  a flood risk assessment, modelling, or further work from there? We’ll discount 100% of your FloodMetric purchase from our consultancy services.


FloodMetric reports are available at 3 different price points depending on the level of information that you need.


FloodMetric Basic

£75+VAT including:

  • EA flood zones
  • risk of flooding from surface water
  • reservoir inundation
  • historical flooding
  • Thames Breach Data (if you’re in London)


FloodMetric Plus

£95+VAT including everything in FloodMetric Basic, plus:

  • National Flood Risk policy requirements
  • Local Planning Authority and Lead Local Flood Authority requirements


FloodMetric Pro

£150+VAT including everything in plus, plus:

  • Flood Model Data from Fathom for 10 return periods
  • Risk Score information
  • Flood Probability calculations



FloodMetric reports are ideal for quick analysis of flood risk issues for any site. They provide simple, easy to understand risk intelligence that covers due dilligence and potential planning risk. Understanding policy information means that you will know whether the site that you own, or want to buy will require consultancy services like a Flood Risk Assessment or flood modelling before commitment.

FloodMetric reports can also be used as part of a prepurchase check for homebuyers and conveyancers.

Absolutely!  If you want to screen more than one site at the same time, just get in contact with one of our team to discuss your requirements and bespoke pricing arrangements.

Of course! The goal of FloodMetric is to promote the right information at the right time for the right decision makers. If you want to license FloodMetric reports, including custom branding then speak to one of our team to discuss what you need!

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