Flood Risk Assessments London

February 2022

National Planning Policy guides development across the UK, coupled with local planning policies, they dictate the terms to which a flood risk assessment must be written. In London, these policies can be substantially different to the rest of the UK owing to the presence of (among other things) the Thames Barrier and formal flood defences on the River Thames.

Much of central London is also affected by breach mapping and subject to slightly different assessment criteria than other places. As such it takes a specialist assessment from a renowned company to make sure that all the different policies are adhered to. Aegaea work all across the London Boroughs for architects, planners and private developers. We’re acknowledged leaders in the area, providing expert opinion to our clients (and even ITV News).

Tower Bridge

London Boroughs

There are 32 London Boroughs each with their own planning documents and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which guide development and flood risk. These vary from the way in which basements are viewed, finished floor level requirements and breach level analysis and design horizon. Aegaea have coordinated and written Flood Risk Assessments in all Boroughs and have a detailed knowledge of the local requirements for each Borough.

Add into this, the London Plan, strategic flood risk assessments, surface water mapping and the results of “Drain London” and the task of hitting all requirements of a flood risk assessment can be a bit daunting.

London SFRAs

The London Strategic Flood Risk assessments form a core resource for LPAs to assess the london flood risk assessment – critical local policy and guidance is often contained within them.

London Breach Mapping

The Thames EA Breach mapping data sets cover central London and the information contained within them must be referenced to the correct design horizon and risk requirement depending on the location and type of development. This could inform finished floor levels, flood resilient construction requirements, flood protection requirements, the ability to add basements and the types of flood warnings and whether a flood risk evacuation plan is required.

How can we help?

Aegaea’s consultants have a detailed knowledge of planning policy throughout the UK, but we have made it our mission to ensure that we have unpicked all of the flood risk assessment requirements in London to help our clients through the complex policy issues.

Over the next several weeks, Aegaea will be updating our website and blog to highlight the policy stumbling blocks in London and how we engage with Local Planning Authorities and make use of all available data to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients.

Get in contact with Nick Darling-Drewett on nick@aegaea.com to find out how to make your Flood Risk Assessment in London straight forward and simple.

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