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We can provide model reviews as well as provide monitoring and evaluation services. This supports the delivery of a model. Allowing us to work with you, to provide a model that is fit for purpose and in accordance with the respective planning policy or standards you are working toward.

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Added value from model reviews

Aegaea have been undertaking flood modelling projects since 2012 and we have over 40 years experience among the team in building, updating and reviewing flood models, both for private clients and on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Flood modelling is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts that need to be carefully managed, assessed and reviewed.  Even the best flood modeller can make mistakes and even the best model can be made better. Our QA model review process isn’t just about catching project critical errors, it is a discursive process designed to ensure that the model does what it is supposed to in a way that makes sense for the client.

Our expertise has allowed us to provide model reviews at different stages of a planning application or project life cycle. We can advise from conceptual stage through to final delivery.

Below we have provided three examples of how our services can support with different projects.


Site Due Diligence

Aegaea offer screening model reviews on any site that may be under consideration. Our approach to due diligence review is to look for opportunities where modelling perhaps hasn’t been undertaken correctly, or where hydrological application is incorrect (This often goes hand in hand with a flood map challenge if we are successful).  We look for areas of modelling that we can update, fix or modify to try and help you find unlock the potential of sites.

We also look at models and reviews on sites that are under consideration and apply a climate change impact assessment to understand whether or not your intended use will be suitable over the building life time (link to NPPF/policy section), but also whether there might be any planning hurdles that are yet to be identified.

Early review and understanding of flood (and drainage risk) is one of the most effective ways of mitigating later risks to applications and master plans and can actually enhance the value of sites.

Planning Application

The most frequent model reviews we undertake are on flood models for developers looking for our support in a planning application.  Aegaea always review models that we receive from other sources, even the Environment Agency to ensure that we know what to expect, where potential sources of risk (and opportunities) may come from and to ensure that our flood models are more likely to be accepted by the Environment Agency when it comes to the planning application.

For Developers, we review the quality of flood models before progressing with other services needed to support a planning application. The production of a model can be a significant cost, so by undertaking a review of the model early on we can advise whether it is fit for purpose. If it is fit for purpose it can then be used to inform the proposed development – if not, there are still things we can do.

On the occasions the model is not fit for purpose, our experts are able to advise on the potential costs, data gaps, and timeframes to improve the model to make it fit for purpose. By undertaking a model review early on it provides benefits such as being able to manage the project programme, project budget, and lenders (where required).

Independent Expert Reviews

Aegaea grew from supporting other consultants and government bodies with flood modelling. This is a service we still proudly deliver today. Our experience with a broad range of clients and applications means that we are able to offer an independent model review and Quality Assurance process. This service is useful for other small consultancies, large consultancies looking for independent verification and for government organisations and others who do not keep flood modelling experts on staff.

Aegaea have formed a review process that takes into account all Environment Agency standing advice as well as some of the common issues that often need addressing. We review from input data, model runs and results.

All of our model reviews are done to enhance the application of the modelling, improve it and help deliver quality in the industry. We work with the consultants and organisations to help deliver that through consultation, discussion and pragmatic reviews. This isn’t about proving “who is best”, it’s about delivering excellence in flood modelling. Get in touch to see how we can add value.

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Modelling Experts at Aegaea

Christopher Cameron-Hann
I’m a flood risk management, flood modelling and hydrology consultant. Specialist Subject: Flood Forecasting and Economic Analysis.
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Lauren Norman
BSc (Hons)
Senior Analyst
I’m Lauren and I am the Team Leader for Flood Modelling, based in the West Midlands. Specialist Subject: Estry TUFLOW modelling!
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Alex Brennan
Senior Flood Risk Consultant
I am a Senior Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea. I have a particular interest in Natural Flood Management Solutions and the application of GIS to flood risk management. My dissertation at the University...
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