Flood Risk Assessment for Major Development

A 'Major Development' within the UK is almost always guaranteed to need a Flood Risk Assessment to gain planning.

​Aegaea have a wide range of experience with gaining planning permission for major developments in a variety of industries. Our team can work with you to understand the flooding risk to your site, as well as providing innovative and fully policy compliant mitigation measures.

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Learn more about how flood risk affects major developments

What is a Major Development and does it require a Flood Risk Assessment?

​The threshold for a major development in planning is any application that involves;

  • mineral extraction,

  • waste development,

  • the provision of 10+ dwellings / a site area over 0.5 Hectares,

  • or floor space of over 1,000sqm / area of 1 hectare.

In England, any development that is located in Flood Zone 2, 3, or a Critical Drainage is required to be supported by a Flood Risk Assessment for planning. If the site area is equal to or greater than 1ha and located in Flood Zone 1, the development would require a flood risk assessment. Without a Flood Risk Assessment, there is a risk that the whole planning application could be rejected at planning and therefore not be validated. Costing time, money, as well as undue stress and delay.

​Each application therefore must be viewed individually; no application is the same. A Flood Risk Assessment replicates this and each assessment is unique. Each assessment is different due to multiple factors which can include environmental conditions, flood zone, type of development, and policy to name several.

How our team can support you

Major application developments tend to be much large in terms of development being proposed, but also geographical coverage.

This can result in a single site area consisting of multiple flood zones and sources of flood risk. This is why it’s strongly recommended to consult with flood risk experts early on a Major Development project to understand what risks there are to your site and plan where certain types of development would be best suited. Our team has supported many major applications as well developments that required Water Chapters to support Environmental Impact Assessments.

​Our expert team team has supported major applications covering residential, commercial and mixed use developments. We work from the concept stage through pre-planning stages all the way through to submission of the application and detailed designs.

We can advise on the design, layout, and arrangement of a development.

If you are proposing a major development and not sure if you require a flood risk assessment or which flood zone you are located in, get in touch with one of our experts today.

Expert Flood Risk Advisors

Daniel Cook
I’m a Chartered Water and Environment Manager and specialist Flood Risk Consultant, working in the environmental consultancy sector since 2011. Specialist Subject: flood risk policy!
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Christopher Cameron-Hann
I’m a flood risk management, flood modelling and hydrology consultant. Specialist Subject: Flood Forecasting and Economic Analysis.
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Nick Darling-Drewett
Principal Flood Risk Consultant
I’m a Principal Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea with extensive experience in producing FRAs and drainage strategies. Specialist Subject: FRAs
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Kirsty Tolson
Principal Flood Risk Consultant
I’m a Principal Flood Risk Consultant at Aegaea with extensive experience in initial due diligence, masterplan development or dealing with planning issues relating to Flood risk. Specialist subject:...
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