Surface Water Drainage In Scotland

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Scottish Water – Gaining approval

During the development process, it is important to consider how surface water (run-off from roofs, paved areas and other hard standing surfaces) is to be drained from the site, and its discharge location.

For a vast majority of developments located in urban areas, the first option that is usually considered is discharging surface water to existing public sewers. This will involve obtaining consent from Scottish Water that the proposed solution is acceptable.

In order to connect to an existing public network, other solutions (including water reuse and infiltration techniques) must be deemed unviable before Scottish Water will consider a new connection.

Scottish Water present a hierarchy of 5 options (1 = most preferred, 5 = least preferred) which the developer must asses when considering the disposal of surface water from the development:

  1. Rainwater is stored and reused, such as rainwater harvesting and/or water butts;

  2. Surface water is drained into the soil through the use of a soakaway

  3. Surface water is drained to a watercourse (open or piped), canal, loch or existing/proposed SuDS

(Once options 1 – 3 have been deemed “reasonably impractical” / technically infeasible, Scottish Water will then consider allowing disposal into their public assets:

4. Surface water is drained to a surface water sewer

5. Surface water is drained to a combined sewer.

If a developer is seeking a surface water connection to an existing surface water or combined sewer, robust evidence (both technical and non technical) are required in order to gain approval.


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